Our Mission

The Creative Trust is an alliance committed to fostering life-long learning through the arts - and transforming aging in the process.  

Too commonly, aging is seen only through the lens of loss. Creative engagement and arts programming flips that model on its head - and provides opportunities for growth through self-expression and collaboration.  

The CT offers arts programming, education/training, and arts events that are intergenerational and collaborative. We connect UWM's Peck School of the Arts students and faculty with older adults, care professionals, and family and volunteers in the greater Milwaukee area.  

With a new grant from the Helen Bader Fund, we are able to offer creative engagement workshops across the state of Wisconsin in the summer of 2016.

People ask me why we read the Odyssey with older adults. Why not read one of the great works of literature and wrestle with the biggest questions of life? Why wouldn’t you do that?
— Anne Basting, UWM Dept of Theatre

What We've Achieved

  • Founded in July 2012.
  • Held 3 Flourish Festivals with 32 different events.
  • Touched the lives of over 3,000 older adults.
  • Engaged over 400 students. 
  • Forged over 20 partnerships 
  • Held the Create/Change Summer Institute for over 30 people from 3 countries and 20 states. 
  • Offered 25 workshops
  • Awarded 8 CT Research Fellow positions
  • Awarded 8 Student Artists in Residence